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"The day that Jerry spent with us will long be remembered as an inspiring and thought-provoking experience. Several students came up to me after the assembly with tears in their eyes asking for more speakers like Jerry."

Michael Carr, Principal
West Windsor-Plainsboro High School
Princeton Junction, NJ

Jerry Traylor speaking in auditorium
Jerry enthralls a high school assembly.

“Mr. Traylor’s message exceeded our expectation. The children were inspired by his courage, positive attitude, and accomplishments.”

Manuel O. Valenzuela, Principal
Walter Douglas Elementary School
Tucson, AZ

Jerry with group
Jerry hopes to touch some lives at this juvenile correctional facility.

Bring Jerry to Your Community

While Jerry is in town to address your corporate group, consider sponsoring his appearance at no additional charge for a local school, civic or non-profit group.

Make A Gift Of Jerry To Your Community!

Your corporation probably has a special relationship with one or more a local non-profits, schools or civic groups. Jerry can help you provide a little something extra to that special group by speaking for them either immediately before or after your corporate event, at no additional charge.

It’s a win/win for your corporation and the non-profit/community group.

You expand your charitable giving program with something quite unique, and the members of the non-profit/civic group have an unforgettable experience. And it’s all thanks to your corporation’s generosity.


Jerry with school children
Kids act as crutches for Jerry. Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on.

The joy and intensity on kids’ faces as they listen to and interact with Jerry is quite extraordinary. He has an ability to help them see their unique beauty, potential and strength regardless of their differing abilities. They eagerly ask him frank questions about his physical condition and how he maneuvers through everyday life. Jerry invites them to watch as he demonstrates how he uses his crutches and explains how he considers himself disabled without them. He considers it a privilege to help them understand and appreciate the differences among us all.

Jerry’s presentation at our school was, in a word, “awesome!”

James King, Principal
Lyndon Town School, Lyndonville, VT

“Jerry showed me that anyone could do the impossible if they just believe in themselves.”

Peter, 6th Grader

“From now on I will look at life differently and start every day with another goal to help myself improve upon what I can do, and how I can do it.”

Erin, 6th Grader

Civic Groups

Jerry after a civic organization luncheon
Jerry after a civic organization luncheon.

Jerry is a frequent speaker for Rotary, Kiwanis, Key Clubs and other similar civic organizations. He has appeared before multiple such groups across the US and is frequently asked to speak for Rotary Youth Leadership Award events.

Many corporations are involved in such service groups and Jerry would be honored to appear before your group as part of the corporate package.

Rotary quote here.

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