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"The thief that robbed him of everything most children take for granted is cerebral palsy...people can scarcely believe that a fellow could finish dozens of 26-mile marathons....or that he could race to the top of Pikes Peak three times...or that he could run 3,528 miles from San Francisco to New York on crutches."

Paul Harvey

Jerry Traylor in a hospital bed

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In My Own Words

"I remember waking up as a six-year-old from an ether-induced sleep in the darkened recovery room after yet another in a series of corrective operations. I was in great pain. A state with which I had become all too familiar.

"My mother sat next to the bed, gripping my hand. Glancing up at her, I caught a tear rolling down her cheek. Any emotion which she may have felt was overshadowed by her optimism as she said, “Jerry, one of these days, things are going to be better.

"My parents taught me not to feel sorry for myself, but to accept each new challenge with the idea of trying my best. If nothing else, I could at least come away from a challenge saying, 'I tasted the agony of defeat.' At best, I would reach a new level of achievement.”

Jerry's Inspirational Story Gives Him Special Insight as a Motivational Speaker

Born with cerebral palsy, Jerry faced physical pain and loneliness that few children ever know. Yet it was this early difficulty that drew others to Jerry in caring and love.

Other individuals empowered Jerry to set goals and achieve greatness even in his imperfection. His example compels many to look at their own lives and take positive action.

On crutches, Jerry has

Now, as a motivational speaker, he shares his inspirational story with audiences across the globe. He as spoken to over 1 million people in 4000 audiences and been featured in the national media, including Paul Harvey’s The Rest of the Story and The Larry King Show.

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