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“Jerry Traylor is a motivational doer. That way, he is more convincing when he tells people what it takes to achieve difficult goals – for they know he has achieved many!”

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

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Jerry Traylor
“Success is learning to control our limitations rather than allowing those limitations to gain control of us. “ – Jerry Traylor

As a dynamic corporate speaker, Jerry Traylor offers personal motivation beyond that of speakers famed for their athletic and business achievements. His message is real world. It hits home with audiences who can appreciate the value of pushing beyond limitations rather than merely exploiting natural talent.

Jerry has climbed to the top of 14,110-foot Pikes Peak three times, competed in 35 full-length marathons and jogged 3,528 miles across America, from San Francisco to New York City… all on crutches.

Yet, Jerry’s message is not about overcoming cerebral palsy. His message is about the remarkable contribution all of us can make in our workplace and community. His humor and his heart make a permanent impact on audiences as he inspires each person towards achieving difficult goals.

Jerry has spoken to over 1-million people in more than 4,000 audiences. Rather than simply giving a talk, Jerry creates a feeling – a new way of thinking and doing!

And, he fully lives what he talks. When you book Jerry for a meeting, you don’t get a canned, slick presentation. Rather, Jerry commits to learning about your organization, its unique challenges and its particular culture. And from that commitment you get a custom tailored, unique message that only fits your audience. In fact, listeners often comment that they feel he is one of them. That he intuitively understands the issues they face.

Jerry’s goal is not to make people feel good. It’s to make a lasting impact. In fact, he doesn’t just speak to your team. For a brief time, he becomes a part of it.

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